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This is the official Mining Review Africa Podcast. Mining Review Africa is the leading monthly magazine and digital platform in the African mining industry. Every month, MRA reaches an audience of over 50 000 influential mining authorities and key decision makers through a variety of channels, including an interactive website, videos and print distribution at all major mining conferences in Africa and across the globe. MRA serves as a knowledge, news and information sharing platform which drives upliftment and sustainable development across the mining sector in Africa through articles on project developments and the technology and financial models that drive them. Through close interaction with major, mid-tier and junior mining houses; suppliers of capital; technology and plants, MRA is recognized as the industry’s thought leadership, innovation and strategic business content leader.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Can hydro power mines?

    Is hydro power a viable option to support mining operations’ energy needs? Whether pumped hydroelectric, run-of-river, or small hydro power systems there is a growing need to use Africa’s vast hydro potential to boost reliability of power in remote areas, and specifically for the mining industry. The potential is there, however, it’s ...


  2. Renewables vs. Coal

    Does coal have a place in Southern Africa's future energy mix? Listen to the engaging debate around a question at the heart of Africa's industrial economic growth. Should investors be putting money into coal mines? Can coal and renewable energy be complementary? Is clean coal a reality? Is renewable energy infrastructure ...


  3. How to reduce reliance on grid power in Africa?

    Powering new and existing mining operations in Africa can be one of the biggest constraints to delivering and maintaining sustainable operations in such remote regions. With grid power seldom a viable option and the cost of diesel generator fuel steadily increasing, renewable energy alternatives are becoming increasingly attractive as costs continue ...


  4. Investing in the DRC

    The Democratic Republic of Congo has undergone a period of transformation over the last year with the introduction of a revised Mining Code whose legislation seeks to benefit all stakeholders in terms of social, environmental and economic upliftment. But it has also increased taxes and placed a high royalty rate on ...