Deep Insights #11: Women of Impact Ep 4

Episode 11 August 14, 2020 00:38:08
Deep Insights #11: Women of Impact Ep 4
Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa
Deep Insights #11: Women of Impact Ep 4

Aug 14 2020 | 00:38:08


Show Notes

In the third episode of the Woman of Impact podcast series we chat to two of Ivanhoe Mines leading ladies, President and Chief Financial Officer Marna Cloete and Executive Vice President for Sustainability and Special Projects Dr. Patricia Makhesha, who is also the Executive Chairperson for Ivanhoe's 64%-owned South African subsidiary, Ivanplats.

The discussion takes a look at how Marna and Patricia are using their leadership positions to drive female representation in the historically male-dominated mining industry.

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