Deep Insights #12: Women of Impact Ep. 5

Episode 12 August 20, 2020 00:22:32
Deep Insights #12: Women of Impact Ep. 5
Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa
Deep Insights #12: Women of Impact Ep. 5

Aug 20 2020 | 00:22:32


Show Notes

After forays in marketing and investment banking, Kim Schoepflin joined South African OEM Kwatani. Successfully, balancing her work with her family life, today she is the CEO of one of the leading African suppliers of vibrating equipment to mines.

In this episode, Kim tells senior editor Gerard Peter about her road to success and how she manages her work commitments while still fulfilling her duties as a mother of three children. She also shares some pearls of wisdom about what got her to where she is today and how other females can follow in her footsteps.

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