Deep Insights #13: Women of Impact Ep. 6

Episode 13 August 25, 2020 00:39:32
Deep Insights #13: Women of Impact Ep. 6
Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa
Deep Insights #13: Women of Impact Ep. 6

Aug 25 2020 | 00:39:32


Show Notes

In the sixth episode of the Woman of Impact podcast series we chat to the women behind Women in Mining South Africa, or WiMSA as it is known – the South African organisation advocating for a more diverse future in the country’s mining sector.

This episode will feature insights and lessons learnt from the women shaping the future for women in South Africa’s mining industry.

Advice from deputy chairperson for Women in Mining South Africa, Petro Du Pisani, to young women considering a career in mining is “Go for it!” She says that the mining industry offers many opportunities for growth – you can be a geologist, an artisan, engineer, accountant or IT professional, or even an information specialist or a drone operator.

There are so many careers currently available or emerging in this industry.
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