How to reduce reliance on grid power in Africa?

Episode 2 April 17, 2020 NaN
How to reduce reliance on grid power in Africa?
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How to reduce reliance on grid power in Africa?

Apr 17 2020 | NaN


Show Notes

Powering new and existing mining operations in Africa can be one of the biggest constraints to delivering and maintaining sustainable operations in such remote regions.

With grid power seldom a viable option and the cost of diesel generator fuel steadily increasing, renewable energy alternatives are becoming increasingly attractive as costs continue to reduce.

This power solution however does come with its own set of unique challenges to consider, but nonetheless can be incorporated profitably when determining the long-term cost saving benefits.

The webinar unpacked:


Anders Cajus Pedersen | Chief Regional Power Systems Officer | African Development Bank (AfDB)

Ian Curry | Renewable Energy Expert

Tobias Hobbach | Founder & Managing Director | Sustainable Power Generation (SustainPower)

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